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April 22, 2013
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DEVIL 5.56 by xparament DEVIL 5.56 by xparament
caliber: 5.56
weight: 1.5
capacity: 45 rnd
barrel length: 10
heartbeat detector (detects a heartbeat at up to 700 yards and can lock on and correct aim to target heart)
3D holographic optics
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Skorpion66 Mar 30, 2014  Student Interface Designer
Using this weapon for too long will probably result in your children having limb deformities. Seriously. How... how does a human use this?
I really like your style though, you're good. But you should probably do some research on how guns actually work.
xparament Mar 30, 2014   Filmographer
I was a sharpshooter in the military for three years and then I was in private security for another 5 years so I am familiar with a few types of small arms. I agree with your comment about this designs ergonomics. I try to turn my "tactical" brain off while I Paint because my realistic guns are not very interesting. If you look through my gallery you will find many designs with non existent and probably undesired technology. to be honest If any of my guns where to be produced they would need to be changed to fit the human body.  Thanks for the comment I sincerely like when people ask me questions about designs and challenge them.           
Skorpion66 Mar 31, 2014  Student Interface Designer
I see, so your goal is to make a sort of "abstract" designs? That works well then.
Also thank you for not going volatile on me for criticizing your work, like a large part of the people on this site would have.
xparament Mar 31, 2014   Filmographer
I totally understand you. There are some people that find beauty in form and some that find beauty in what I call "truth". Neither one is better than the other.  I am NOT a professional designer so I do have big problems with scale and ergonomics. I can see how some people would not like that. By the looks of your gallery you seem to know and care a lot about guns and I understand that my crazy ideas would be offensive to someone that "plays within the rules". I can also see that one can mistake my disregard for the rules as lack of understanding and not a conscious decision.
Dayyyyyuummm! One of my favorite gun concepts I've ever seen. 
Regrettably, I've never actually had the pleasure of using a gun with that horizontal pistol grip design, not even on one of those old cowboy-era lever-action rifles. Always wondered how it would compare to using the classic grip
xparament Feb 28, 2014   Filmographer
same here. I have only used vertical grips. i have never really thought about it... i imagine its not so different 
very nice concept! i could see this weapon being used by some Royal Imperial Palace Guards, wearing the same kind of white, highly stylised armour, with those red inserts. They'd be in some classic-retro Palace of the Diadem, or in some such retro-scifi very stylised universe. 

Good job!!
xparament Mar 3, 2014   Filmographer
thanks! i agree.. i see far to few guns that fit into that style. i guess because white glossy is not very camouflage 
Ziggy-FoxCat Dec 16, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Good grief, if you could apply the word SEXY to any firearm, it would have to be THIS gun. I love this gun because of the fantastic otherworldly futuristic feel to it all in one package. And it may seem like a gun that would be for show in real life, in a game this would be a very well loved weapon!

This gun, despite it's name, has to be my favorite out of your guns. I've never seen a gun apply such flow to its design. Most guns I see have a more edgy look, often using dark colors. Even guns similar to this one still have a very edgy look, but none have quite the same smooth flow that this one has. I love how the grooves draw your eyes to the front of the gun. I especially love that you made the weapon look practical!

My ONLY question is how do you reload it? My guesses are it might be some part of the gun we're not seeing, or it could be a Energy Weapon rather than relying on Ballistics. You could make Energy Weapons never have to reload, and they simply need a cool down phase from extended fire, or you could just give it a reload style that you couldn't do with a ballistics magazine. :)
xparament Dec 21, 2013   Filmographer
thanks again! this is the one I like most but strangely not many people like it. 
I guess this can be some kind of energy weapon...there is a small magazine sticking out of the back under the stock... I  should have made it a bit more visible because it does not look very much like a magazine and if it jams you would not be able to pull it out. 
Just out of curiosity why don't you like the name?    
thanks again for the support! :D
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